The TCG Difference

Our business model is based on establishing long-term relationships that consist of mutual respect and clear understanding. The TCG Difference will be noticed by our customers and yours!
See the Difference

The TCG Price

TCG Services uses a cost-plus and not to exceed pricing model which ensures that our clients receive the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

30% Below NTE

TCG invoices are on average 30% below
not to exceed limits.

$100 Less

TCG cost per job is about $100 less compared to local contractor costs.

1 Day Earlier

TCG jobs are completed 1 day earlier on average than local contractors.

Accurate Cost Data

It is our belief that our customers should know exactly what their facility maintenance costs are, and exactly what TCG’s fees are on every job.

Full Transparency

With TCG, there are no hidden fees, padded labor hours, or unnecessary charges. Our customers are only charged the amount required for the scope of work performed, plus our fee.

Scope Cost Analysis

TCG’s team of skilled Project Managers ensure that the total job cost presented is appropriate for the proposed scope of work. No proposal or final invoice will go to our customer without a thorough review to ensure accurate pricing.

The TCG Team

One of the most valuable differences between TCG Services and the competition is our well-trained, hard-working, professional team of industry experts. The TCG Services team works closely with both clients and vendors to make sure each job is completed on time, on budget, and on par with our high-quality standards.

Knowledgeable Staff

TCG Project Managers – TCG’s long-tenured and highly skilled Project Managers are not minimum wage Call Center agents. These are well trained Project Managers that oversee every job from initiation to satisfied completion.

Cost Control

We also have multiple resources in every market to ensure a timely response, and that our customers’ expectations are exceeded, meeting tight SLA’s.
This also aids in multiple/competitive bid scenarios, and TCG strives to keep job costs low for our customers. If our initial tech’s pricing exceeds our historical means for that scope of work, we will engage our additional resources in the market to provide a competitive price for our customers.

The Right Tech

Techs – TCG’s partner vendors are proven and vetted valuable resources that we send significant volume to across our customer base.
We send the right tech for the job, no matter what trade, or where the customer site is located.
Many national or regional, self-performing handymen, locksmiths, HVAC techs, and plumbers exist. The issue is, not all of them perform well in every market. TCG’s service platform eliminates that issue. Our customers are not stuck with an under-performing tech in any market just because he’s “our guy”. Through our history and volume, we know who the best of the best are in every market, and that is who we dispatch to our customers’ sites every day.