Hey Team CareGivers (TCG Family and Friends)!

The word bouncing around in my brain this morning is “missions”.  You get to be on multiple missions every day!  Digitally, you get to travel across the United States, into Canada, and sometimes journey to Puerto Rico.  You get to travel to multiple places in one day in response to numerous needs, find a vendor, have that need filled, and press on to eventually complete the mission.

We watched “Mission Impossible” on TV when I was young (during the first series).  There was always that line, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it….”  The mission was described, offered, and then the choice was made to accept or decline.  I don’t ever remember Mr. Phelps or Mr. Hunt declining a mission.  No matter how uncertain, adventurous, or dangerous the mission appeared to be, the response was a choice.

Peggy and I made a choice to respond to a collect phone call from Africa 30 years ago, September 24, 1992.  The mission we chose to accept began with shipping some resources to the Liberian refugee in Ghana.  It has included ministering during a civil war, supplying Bibles, reopening medical clinics and schools, teaching, preaching, construction and reconstruction, writing and supplying evangelism and church planting materials, training church leaders, assisting in church planting, etc.

Mission is not just what we do in Africa, India, and other countries.  Part of my missions endeavors include encouraging you, praying for you, being available for you, writing “morning thoughts”,  phone calls, texts, emails, personal visits, recognizing accomplishments of individuals, making donut runs😊, doing weddings, officiating at funerals, counseling, celebrating baptisms, etc.

You have a mission at home to accept and perform.  You have a mission at TCG to accept and accomplish.  You have a mission as a community member, church member, or club member to accept and complete.  You have a mission as a fellow human being to accept and accomplish for life.  What is your mission?  Have you chosen to accept it?  Are you completing and accomplishing your missions?

Two simple verse helps me with my successes and failures in mission:  “…being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ…for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure (Phil. 1:6 & 2:13).”  I trust God to give me the desires and drive for mission, and then credit Him for accomplishing missions through me.  It is tons better than relying on myself.  Blessings!

In Him,


Chaplain Wade Graber

After serving as a church pastor for over four decades, Wade is now the director of Graber Ministries and the corporate Chaplain for TCG Services. Wade’s caregiving ministries take him to co-worker’s desks, down the street to local businesses, online to share life with clients, around the US, and across the ocean for church planting (primarily in Liberia), and sharing his writings and songs about “The Mission of the Holy Spirit."

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