So Poor

Hey Team Caregivers!

Last week I used the quotes below when I led a Bible study on the Sermon on the Mount. The first of the “Beatitudes” says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Mt. 5:3).” The point of that portion of the teaching was to emphasize how we need to be completely spiritually impoverished, so we can receive and celebrate true, spiritual, kingdom riches. The following one-liners were used to share that point. Enjoy!

We Were So ‘Poor’ Quotes

  1. We were so poor we could not pay attention.
  2. We were so poor that we had water for breakfast, peas for lunch and we swelled up for supper.
  3. We were so poor that the poor people call us poor.
  4. We were so poor that we had to stand outside of KFC and lick other people’s fingers.
  5. We were so poor that we had to borrow an idea.
  6. We were so poor that the neighbors had more furniture on their front porch than we had in the house.
  7. We were so poor that my mother had to wear her McDonald’s uniform to church.
  8. We were so poor that we could never put in our 2 cents.
  9. We were so poor that my mama washed paper plates.
  10. We were so poor that we brought the trash IN.

*This list was originally posted here by Jack Bailey.

I encourage you to discover, receive, and live in the joy of true, eternal riches! Wow!

In Him,

Chaplain Wade Graber

After serving as a church pastor for over four decades, Wade is now the director of Graber Ministries and the corporate Chaplain for TCG Services. Wade’s caregiving ministries take him to co-worker’s desks, down the street to local businesses, online to share life with clients, around the US, and across the ocean for church planting (primarily in Liberia), and sharing his writings and songs about “The Mission of the Holy Spirit."

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