A Spiritual Virus

Hey Team Caregivers!

I love you, so I want to make sure that you know there is a kind of virus that is more violently deadly than the Coronavirus, the brutal Ebola virus, the flu, or any other disease on the earth. The good news is that there is a cure that is 100% effective and free!

The bad news is that every individual human being is already infected.

This virus is not limited to age, geographic location, social-economic status, race, gender, position, or any other earthly category. The symptoms include extreme selfishness, disobedience, hate, joylessness, fear, impatience, harshness, evil, doubt, anger, and a lack of self-control.

A person may exhibit one or more of these symptoms at different times, but they reveal the same virus when diagnosed. Not eradicating this virus from your life has temporary and eternal ramifications. This virus is generally and commonly called “sin”. We all have it.

The good news is that the sin virus has a Physician who provided a cure, a remedy, a solution for our sin-sickness. He had to sacrifice his own life to make the serum that would be the cure for every person who has existed, is existing, and will exist. There are no alternate cures. The only medicine that will kill the sin virus is the blood of Christ—“…the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”

It is vital, necessary, essential that you receive the serum for sin that Jesus provided through His bloodshed on the cross. Like a blood transfusion can provide health and life to one who is physically dying, so, receiving the blood sacrifice of Jesus for our sins will give us new and eternal life. More than the panic and purchases of toilet paper and products to sustain physical life is the need and desire for us to receive what we need for everyday life and eternity.

I pray that all of my family, the TCG team members and their families, friends, foreigners, and even foes open their hearts to the life-giving blood of Jesus.

My prayers for the healing of those who have the Coronavirus is fervent, but pales in comparison to my passion and zeal for souls to be healed from sin-sickness. Please be sure that you, your loved ones, and all you come in contact with have received the cleansing and spiritual healing from the sin virus.

In Him,


I am glad to share with anyone how they can apply the blood of Jesus Christ to their own sin-sickness and receive total forgiveness, spiritual health, and the reality of a home in heaven when they die.

Chaplain Wade Graber

After serving as a church pastor for over four decades, Wade is now the director of Graber Ministries and the corporate Chaplain for TCG Services. Wade’s caregiving ministries take him to co-worker’s desks, down the street to local businesses, online to share life with clients, around the US, and across the ocean for church planting (primarily in Liberia), and sharing his writings and songs about “The Mission of the Holy Spirit."

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