Unmet Expectations

Hey Team CareGivers (TCG Family and Friends)!

Have you ever experienced unmet expectations?  It could have been a little thing like your food wasn’t prepared like you expected, or didn’t taste like you expected.  It could have been a huge thing like a relationship that didn’t turn out like you expected.  How did you/do you handle expectations?

After prayer, search, calls, texts, emails, I finally bought a truck to replace my truck.  It is nothing like what I expected.  Some would call it a work truck.  Others would call it a project truck😊  It’s the truck.  We are not sure at the moment why this particular vehicle, but over the years we have learned that sometimes a purchase is not about our needs, but the needs of others.  It connected us with people we would otherwise never have met.  It could give us opportunities we have never experienced.  We may not ever find out exactly why we have an encounter that doesn’t make sense to us or meet our expectations.  But, God knows and He fulfills His purpose for us, if we trust Him.

There is one expectation that I’m positive will exceed my expectations and I’ll never be disappointed or wonder why—entering Heaven when I die and seeing Jesus face to face!!!  Wow!!!  Like the quote of Isaiah by Paul, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him (I Cor. 2:9).”  Read Revelation 21 and the description of the eternal city, and see what expectations you can visualize, and it will exceed all of your expectations I am sure!  Blessings!

In Him,


Chaplain Wade Graber

After serving as a church pastor for over four decades, Wade is now the director of Graber Ministries and the corporate Chaplain for TCG Services. Wade’s caregiving ministries take him to co-worker’s desks, down the street to local businesses, online to share life with clients, around the US, and across the ocean for church planting (primarily in Liberia), and sharing his writings and songs about “The Mission of the Holy Spirit."

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