Reducing FM Costs with TCG

April 27, 2021

Last week I posted on the 8 reasons to outsource Facility Management, based on David Tan’s article in Small Biz Today.  For the next 8 weeks, I will be taking each one of those, and applying the “TCG Why” for each reason to outsource your FM to TCG.  As a refresher, Reason #1 can be seen below:

Increased Cost Savings

When you outsource facilities management services to third-party vendors it can be extremely cost effective. Simply put, third-party professionals have the skills, resources, and expertise required to drive down the costs of traditional management services.

Moreover, experienced vendors are in the business for years, so they have developed processes and best practices which can optimize cost savings to the fullest. They also absorb additional employee costs such as training, compensation, and benefits.

Thus, you would most certainly pay less for outsourced services than operating an in-house facilities maintenance team.

With TCG this is precisely the reason to partner with us.  We allow FM teams to do more with less, which means less internal costs, right off the bat.

Further, our highly-trained and long-tenured Project Management team actively manages every job to ensure tight cost controls on every work order we handle for our customers.  We are not a Call Center or Technology solution.  We are hands-on and extremely experienced to fully understand what each job should cost, regardless of the trade or geography.

As always, time is money.  We complete jobs out quickly and efficiently for our customers, to ensure little to no business interruption.  In addition, TCG serves as the “single throat to choke” for all repair and maintenance items.  No more wasted time tracking down individual local vendors and technicians. We have the updates, answers and resources at your fingertips to keep things moving.  Even still, we provide consolidated billing.  One check to TCG for all your FM activities, cuts down on duplicative AP resources and functions.

There are even more examples to highlight on how partnering with TCG for Facilities Management will increase your cost savings, but these are the big needle movers that we’d love to showcase for your organization.  Can’t wait to show you our differentiators in the industry, and drill-down on the other 7 reasons to partner with TCG.  Stay tuned!



Chris Barbour

Chris currently serves as TCG's Director of Sales. In an organization like ours, that doesn't mean non-stop selling (although, we are growing). In this role, it's all about connecting with our customers (both new and old), providing the highest level of service, and being an escalation point when jobs go sideways (let's face it, this is facilities). Prior to joining TCG, Chris worked in FM Business Development and Operations for 11 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, serving hundreds of national customers, identifying hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, and building FM Operations Teams from the ground up.