Flexible FM With TCG

June 15, 2021

This week’s highlighted reason for outsourcing your organization’s FM functions, focuses on flexibility:

When outsourcing your facility management requirements, you need not be tied to one particular vendor. If you are not satisfied with the vendor’s services or performance, you can always discontinue their services and take a different approach.

The fact that you have the ability to terminate the contract with just a short notice keeps vendors on their toes, and they are compelled to stay on top of their game at all times. Basically, you are their customer and you will always come first. Thus, you are always in control of things.

At TCG, we take this even a step further. As a national aggregator of R&M services, we are only as good as our local techs (which we have thousands of in every trade, all over North America).  With that, though, our techs are sometimes only as good as the last job they completed.  We hold our partners to the highest standards, because that is what we expect for our customers.  With that, we are extremely flexible in the tech that we send out for any given job for our customers.

The right tech is assigned based on the scope of work, the priority of the issue, and even customer preference.  Through our structure, we are able to quickly make changes in the approved and vetted techs being dispatched, to best serve our customers everyday.  TCG’s flexibility, along with our customer’s flexibility gained by outsourcing their FM, is a win-win for everyone.

Chris Barbour

Chris currently serves as TCG's Director of Sales. In an organization like ours, that doesn't mean non-stop selling (although, we are growing). In this role, it's all about connecting with our customers (both new and old), providing the highest level of service, and being an escalation point when jobs go sideways (let's face it, this is facilities). Prior to joining TCG, Chris worked in FM Business Development and Operations for 11 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, serving hundreds of national customers, identifying hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, and building FM Operations Teams from the ground up.