Love and Kindness Week – Day One

February 12, 2024

Monday, February 12th 2024 – As the kick-off to TCG’s Love and Kindness Week, we are rolling out a love and kindness challenge each day this week to everyone we are in contact with.  Today’s challenge is a simple but powerful act for everyone, including the kids:

Drop a note to a co-worker telling them how great you think they are. This could be an e-mail, Teams message, or even better – a hand-written note.  Bonus points if it’s a co-worker that you don’t interact with all that much. Ask your kids to go out of their way today to be kind to a kid at school that doesn’t always get included, maybe sit with them at lunch.

A few years ago, we were notified of a local Middle School student that left a note, indicating they were contemplating self-harm.  Immediately, we came together with the community and created the “I am Loved/You are Loved” campaign to rally around everyone at the school, including the unknown child.  From there, we branched-out beyond El Dorado Middle School to High Schoolers and beyond, to everyone TCG touches throughout our daily work.  Thousands of t-shirts and banners with the below logo were printed and given away as a constant reminder that we are all loved and worthy of love.

This small but powerful affirmation can be the difference for someone with a negative outlook about themselves.  Let’s ensure we reach out today, and make today’s love and kindness challenge something we are doing everyday, not just during Love Day/Week/Month.

If you or anyone you know is interested in an “I am Loved/You are Loved” t-shirt or banner, please visit our website: or contact our Corporate Chaplain, Pastor Wade Graber at:

Chris Barbour

Chris currently serves as TCG's Director of Sales. In an organization like ours, that doesn't mean non-stop selling (although, we are growing). In this role, it's all about connecting with our customers (both new and old), providing the highest level of service, and being an escalation point when jobs go sideways (let's face it, this is facilities). Prior to joining TCG, Chris worked in FM Business Development and Operations for 11 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, serving hundreds of national customers, identifying hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, and building FM Operations Teams from the ground up.