Quick Response and Close-Out With TCG

May 13, 2021

For Week 3, we switch gears to aligning Reason #3 for outsourcing FM with the associated “TCG Difference”.  As a reminder, Reason #3 to outsource your organization’s FM was:

Increases Responsiveness and Timeliness

Having a competent facilities management vendor is important to ensure that your maintenance issues are fixed in a timely manner. Once you outsource your facilities maintenance requirements, it is solely the vendor’s responsibility to get any issues fixed on time, and more importantly, prevent any major issues from happening in the first place.

With the right vendor, you can be certain that your maintenance issues no longer need your constant attention.

TCG is most definitely that right vendor when it comes to increasing facility request response time, and getting work orders closed-out in a timely manner.  Our sole goal and focus is our customers’ satisfaction, and fixing their facilities issues as quickly as possible.  Through our organizational structure, and the fact that TCG has no preferential agreements, requiring work go to certain technicians, we have the flexibility to perform for our customers nationally, and meet even the tightest of SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

Our ability to turn on a dime, and use the right tech for the job, not just “our tech”, is what separates us from our competition.  We are able to dispatch pre-qualified, quality technicians to any site in the country, for any trade, meting 2-4 hour emergency response or same-day/next-day service for non-emergencies.  Couple that with our tenacious follow-up process on every work order, and the results are jobs that are turned quicker, and customer sites that are happier.

If you are seeing a lag in getting needed repairs done at your facilities, either due to labor shortages or just a lack of urgency from your current provider, we invite you to reach out and test drive the TCG difference.  You will be happy you did.

Chris Barbour

Chris currently serves as TCG's Director of Sales. In an organization like ours, that doesn't mean non-stop selling (although, we are growing). In this role, it's all about connecting with our customers (both new and old), providing the highest level of service, and being an escalation point when jobs go sideways (let's face it, this is facilities). Prior to joining TCG, Chris worked in FM Business Development and Operations for 11 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, serving hundreds of national customers, identifying hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, and building FM Operations Teams from the ground up.