Season of Giving

December 19, 2023

Last week we connected with a long-time industry colleague and friend to assist on a Coat Drive she was heading up to assist needy families in a rural county in South Central, Missouri.  Here are the details of the situation, as outlined by Theresa’s LinkedIn post:

The per capita income is $19,699 in Shannon County, MO.

The average cost to live in the state of Missouri is between $2,200 and $6,400. I don’t think I need to show the math to demonstrate that this is a tough economic situation for many families.

The wonderful woman who runs the local food pantry in Eminence, MO texted me to ask if I could find some old coats to bring next time I come to town. She asked specifically for children’s coats, because they are in short supply and winter is coming.

In St. Louis, we have as extensive network of corporations and charities that do wonderful work fundraising and caring for those in need in our community. Shannon County doesn’t have access to these resources, so I am asking for help on their behalf. If you have coats, hats, gloves, or sweaters that your family has outgrown, I would be happy to take them to Shannon County.

The timing of her post was amazing, as we were looking for a local cause to support this Holiday season, and we are so incredibly blessed to be able help this cause.  We will be sharing more later this week, as we gather as a company to pass on further blessings to those in need in the Wichita/El Dorado communities with the entire TCG family.

Best wishes,