What is TCG?

July 28, 2020

I often get asked, “what does TCG stand for?”  In the most literal sense, TCG, at our inception, stood for: The Consociate Group.  We since shortened our name about 7 years ago to be less of a mouthful, but we still have customers that, to this day, have us in their database as The Consociate Group.

The follow-up question to this usually is: “What does Consociate mean”?  Before coming to work for TCG 5 years ago, I wasn’t so sure of that answer myself.  It sounds like “associate”, or maybe a combination of “confidant” and “associate”, but I wasn’t sure, so I consulted the internet, of course:

 Definition of consociate in the English dictionary

The first definition of consociate in the dictionary is to enter into or bring into friendly association. Other definition of consociate is associated or united. Consociate is also an associate or partner.

This really resonated with me when I first  did that Google search for “meaning of consociate”.  The definition of that word truly defines who we are as an organization.  We are very much about fellowship: with each other, our customers, and our vendors.  We 100% have that partnership mindset, both in the structure of our business, and in how we advocate for our customers.  We truly are their “consociates”, and are stewards of their assets.  While we may have officially shortened our name to TCG Services, what the letters TCG stand for, is exactly what we as an organization still stand for today.


Be well,


Chris Barbour

Chris currently serves as TCG's Director of Sales. In an organization like ours, that doesn't mean non-stop selling (although, we are growing). In this role, it's all about connecting with our customers (both new and old), providing the highest level of service, and being an escalation point when jobs go sideways (let's face it, this is facilities). Prior to joining TCG, Chris worked in FM Business Development and Operations for 11 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, serving hundreds of national customers, identifying hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, and building FM Operations Teams from the ground up.